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                                                                            Ours quality commitments

                                                                            Our product quality shall follow:
                                                                            1. Quality assurance test methods:
                                                                            1.1 GB/T531-92, test method for Shore Hardness A of rubber;
                                                                            1.2 GB/T528-92, measurement of elongation performance of vulcanized rubber;
                                                                            1.3 GB/2941-91, standard temperature and time for placing and testing of rubber sample;
                                                                            1.4 GB/T532-1989, peeling strength test method.

                                                                            2. Appearance:
                                                                            2.1 Rubber plate surface shall be smooth without obvious scar or rubber insufficient phenomenon.

                                                                            3. Quality:
                                                                            Description Dichromatic rubber plate Monochrome rubber plate Compound rubber plate
                                                                            Red finishing Black prime
                                                                            Shore hardness 655 655 655 455
                                                                            UTS MPa 3.0 2.0 4.5 4.5
                                                                            Permanent set at rupture 25 20 30 30
                                                                            Peeling strength kN/m
                                                                            Elongation at rupture % 420 260 450 450

                                                                            4. Identification and packing:
                                                                            Rubber plate shall be packed with plastic woven bag and indicated with the following:
                                                                            1. Name and address of the manufacturer;
                                                                            2. Product name;
                                                                            3. Product specification;
                                                                            4. Weight or quantity;
                                                                            5. Standard number.

                                                                              ISO9001: 2000 certificate
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