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                                                                            ¡¡¡¡Located in Southeast Economic & Technical Development Zone of Changshu, Changshu Shantang Rubber Co., Ltd. is near the beautiful Shore of Yangcheng Lake and renowned Shajiabang beauty spot.
                                                                            Changshu Shantang Rubber Co., Ltd., originally founded in 1985, is a professional private company engaged in manufacturing of rubber plates for printing and engraved letters. By adhering to the logos of ¡°enterprise¡¯s market is customer¡¯s demand and product quality is the lifeline of enterprise¡±, after more than twenty years of operating in rubber products market, ¡°Shantang?¡± rubber plates for printing and engraved letters have created a nationwide marketing network and entered into international markets, and have obtained unanimously good appraisal from both domestic and overseas customers. ¡¡¡¡
                                                                            In order to satisfy demands of various customers, the company has been devoting to the development of new products and has successfully developed computer laser engraving sheet materials. Single-layer, double-layer compound and double-layer with cloth reinforcement rubber plates for printing and engraved letters have been formed. The company can provide more than 500 specs. of carton printing sheet materials and plastic weaving and printing oil-resistance sheet materials and owns an annual yield of more than 3,000 tons of various engraving rubber plates.
                                                                            The company attaches high importance to the logos of ¡°culture¡± management. A technical team with ¡®appetency¡¯ has been organized with high development and research capabilities. The company is always ready to provide high quality and customized products for our customers.
                                                                            The company attaches high importance to ¡°science-tech¡± input. At the same time, it has been accredited for ISO9001:2000 quality management system and implements an enterprise standard of Q/320581BHW001-2009. In recent years, it has been awarded successively the honors of Private Technical Enterprise of Jiangsu Province, Enterprise Honoring Contracts and Keeping Promises in Suzhou City, AAA Enterprise Credit Stand.
                                                                            Based on good faith, the company is willing to provide at any time quality products and sincere services for customers.
                                                                            Add: 121 Santangzhi, Tangshi Town, Changshu, Jiangsu
                                                                            Zip code: 215542
                                                                            Tel: 0512-52571946 (0)13906230962
                                                                            Fax: 0512-52571962
                                                                            Bank of deposit: Tangshi Branch, Changshu Rural Commercial Bank
                                                                            A/C No.: 014579-7421120100062106

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